Daily Habit Tracker

A core part of improving Emotional Intelligence is developing good habits. Our habits help us meet our needs as a human being.

Kaufman's sailboat is a great metaphor for developing good habits that meet our needs, we can unfurl our sails and catch the wind to growth and fulfilment.

Kaufman's Sailboat of Needs, Hull is Safety, Connection and Self-Esteem.  Sail is Exploration, Love and Purpose.

Using The Daily Habit Tracker

Daily habits on the homepagean image of the habit tracker screen  showing the selected primary habits for the monthDaily tracker screen showing the secondary habits that may be selected

The top four unclicked habits for the day are shown on the home screen and can be clicked directly from there. You click them when you have completed the habit and the habit is removed.

If you have completed a habit that isn't in the top four then click the arrow to the right and you will go to the habit tracker. From this screen you can click on any of the primary habits so far not completed. In addition, you can also select secondary habits. These are habits that you have competed today but not in your primary list.

Reviewing Completed Habits

By switching to the Completed view you can view those habits that you have completed for the day. Here you can also change the date, so you can view the habits you completed in the past as well. Complt3ed habits can be viewed daily, weekly or monthly.

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