How-To: Using the Daily Habit Tracker

We all have habits. They help us to deal with events in our lives that without having to think about every little detail. This frees up our brains to deal with things that are more important to our growth. Our habits start of small, making our bed, brushing our teeth, sleeping. These are the things that fulfil our most basic needs.  

Once we have these basic habits we then expand onto habits that improve our physical wellbeing. These include basic exercise, learning and practicing the fundamentals of our chosen athletic path, learning new skills that make us better and developing techniques to cope with the every-day stresses and pressures of life.

Having the basics down to pat, and developing great physical habits put us into a great place, and able to now develop our brains. The habits we form at this higher level help us to find and maintain healthy relationships with family, friends and partners, to have self-expression, to willingly solve problems and to express gratitude for what we have received.

So, as you see, habit tracking isn't just about checking to see if you have cleaned behind your ears! It is a fundamental skill that we need to grow so that we become open to developing our Emotional Intelligence.

New Month - New Habits

Home screen with the EQ skills set up but the habit tracker still waiting to be set upSplash screen for setting up the habit tracker

When you first install the app and at the start of each month you need to set up the habit tracker. This is done through the button on the home page. You can select up to 10 primary habits to track. Don't worry, if you have complete a habit and it isn't in your primary list you can always mark it complete as a secondary habit. The primary habits are those that you want to specifically focus on in the coming month.

Select Your Micro Habits

splash screen for micro habits
screen showing micro habits being selected

Micro habits are the small things you learn to do early on to ensure you are healthy and safe. You can chose from Water, Sleep, Food, Optimal Nutrition, Time in Nature, Make Your Bed and Brush Your Teeth (x2). Players over 9 years old can also select Reflection (morning) and Reflection (Evening). Each habit has a description that you can access using the small 'i' in a circle at the top left of the tile. The tile highlights when selected.

Select Your Physiology Habits

Splash screen for selecting physiology habitsscreen showing the selection of physiology habits

Physiology habits are help you stay fit and growing as a person. You can chose between Exercise, Fundamentals, New Skills, Achievement, Breathing and Yoga. Again, more information can be accessed via the info button in the top left corner.

Select Your Brain Habits

Brain habits are those that open up your horizons and drive you forward as a person. They are the most complex, and will leverage your intellectual and well as your emotional intelligence. Select from Relationships, Learning, Self-Expression, Problem Solving, Mindfulness, Gratitude and Limiting Screen Time.

Finishing and Reporting

And so the monthly set up is complete. You can see how well you are doing every day by checking out the habit tracker that provides a daily listing of what you have completed and what you skipped.