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90% of sports performance is emotional. Optimise your mindset to perform every time with Emotional Intelligence training.

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Why develop your mindset with Emotional Intelligence?

90% of elite performers pin their success to Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence skills are the tools athletes and coaches depend on to perform under pressure.

Research studies have highlighted Emotional Intelligence is key to building wellbeing which in turn builds the optimal mindset for sports performance.

Emotional Intelligence allows us to recognize, understand and label our emotional mindset, helping us to regulate our emotional state in the 'heat of the game'.

Image showing that by building Emotional Intelligence you can improve wellbeing that in turn delivers a better performance

What Are Emotional Intelligence Skills?

HeadCoach provides you with actionable Emotional Intelligence strategies to practice and to reflect on the experience.

Some of the skills you can develop through HeadCoach include:









What is Emotional Intelligence?

The ability to recognise and regulate your own internal mindset

Knowing how to motivate yourself to create your best mindset

Sense the mindset of the people around you

Build great relationships, especially with teammates

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I use HeadCoach for my players and have found it to be extremely useful. It is an amazing resource which I certainly wished I had available to me as a player however I am glad the players I coach now get to avail of it.
Conor Walsh
First Team Assistant Coach
London Toronto FC.
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